Our Team

After years of accumulated and complementary experience in the public and private spheres, we have learned to listen and understand the needs and challenges of our clients: public entities, private companies, and investors.

At MML, people are the most important asset. Thus, fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity is fundamental to the way we run our company. We believe that people from different backgrounds and perspectives strengthen our team and help us make better decisions.

Only a select group of professionals has the relationships, capabilities and credibility to be “first call partners” for the main firms in the capital market. We have invested in building a platform that constantly offers these opportunities to our customers.

We apply a rigorous subscription approach to every opportunity we consider.

Each investment undergoes a multi-step underwriting process that begins with a thematic view of the fundamentals of the industry and market conditions. The opportunities are evaluated by the partners considering the needs enshrined in the national and regional Development Plans. If the decision is to pursue the objectives, the needs of the project are analysed by a team of MML professionals with the clients` assistance. Finally, as a team, we thoroughly review each opportunity to identify the investments that offer the most suitable risk adjusted returns.

We strive to understand in depth the needs of our customers, with the aim of providing a service that generates true added value.

To the extent that we do not have conflicts of interest, we accept any type of task that is framed within our competences.

We build everything we do as a team, and we like to break traditional molds. We integrate engineers with lawyers, political scientists with mathematicians.

We match new theories with the development of new ways of doing business.

We value different perspectives, which means working with people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds, with educational and professional backgrounds in multiple areas.

In MML, each team member has a voice: we value a horizontal organization, where the best ideas are the ones that win.