Our Services

“Obliged to challenge the status quo.”

Our experience and extensive experience in the public sector and the capital market has allowed us to interact and create close relationships with many of the most important companies in Colombia, as well as with various international capital market institutions.

A forward-thinking company like MML seeks to take advantage of machine learning in order to gain access to affordable financing options, with a Personalized Client Focus, with a single view that allows them to more easily understand their environment, and to drive innovation, volume, speed and the variety of adaptive models.

All our data is supported by laws, open data, official statistics, capital market reports and new strategic management theories (endorsed by the academy).

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that growing companies face to take their businesses to the next level. We also know that the success of public sector investment projects often requires new strategic and capital resources, needed in order to achieve the objectives outlined in the State Development Plans. Thus, such experience and know-how aim to help each one of the companies of our portfolio to achieve extraordinary results.

Versatile financing for the market. MML serves leading companies in the national market, such as SMEs and start-ups, as well as public entities and private equity institutions. We build lasting relationships as a reliable partner that supports the Government management and companies (at whichever stage they are at).

Within the economics sector, the natural evolution of companies, the use of data with the support of new technologies, and the emergence of new sources of funding for public and private projects, force us to challenge the status quo, to question outdated beliefs and discover new ways of doing business and stablishing relations.

By using qualitative and quantitative analysis tools of latest generation, we can be more assertive regarding the finding of new investors that adjust to the needs of the public and private sector.

National Government and Territorial Entities

Strategic Advisory:

  • Business structuring and advice in the creation of Business Plans, Pitch books and Teasers (English and Spanish).
  • Legal advice in company formation, joint ventures, etc.
  • Attainment of strategic partners needed to carry out investment projects.
  • Financial valuation, capital cost analysis, debt restructuring.
  • Advice on SDG issues..

Financial Advisory:

  • Corporate bonds. “Green use of income” issued by a corporate entity with recourse to the issuer.
  • Project bonds. Supported by single or multiple green projects, generally without resorting to the issuer.
  • ABS Bonds. Guaranteed by one or more specific green projects.
  • International cooperation channeling.
  • Green Debt Structuring.
  • Debt structuring and restructuring.
  • Project Finance.Strategic relationship with international financial institutions..

Legal Advisory:

  • Structuring of Green Projects of the Development plans (national and regional).
  • Financing for Green productive projects.
  • Intermediation between the Government, companies and investors.
  • Structuring of public – private partnerships.


  • Offer of products throughout the capital structure of the company or project.
  • Strategic relationship with government entities and investors.
  • Business Strategy.
  • Development of investment projects.
  • Link to Green projects.
  • Financing for Green productive projects.
  • Structuring of Green Projects.
  • Attainment of private capital funds.
  • Financial Advisory.
  • Green Bonds.
  • Debt structuring and restructuring.
  • Project Finance.
  • Legal Advisory.
  • Structuring and search of allies for Public – Private Partnerships of private initiative..


Our commitment with the service and transparency applies to each investor we serve. We believe that all investors should have access to clear and useful information regarding our strategies and their portfolio.

We offer participation in projects endorsed and supported by the Colombian public institutions, specially selected to optimize the efficiency of capital as well as meet the expectations of our investors.

We offer a wide range of products to accommodate different investors, in addition to customized strategies tailored to specific needs.

We are a value-added partner for private capital. We are committed to supporting the investor’s objectives during the entire life cycle of an investment, which includes promoting organic growth, facilitating procurement financing and completing recapitalizations.

We rely on a basic alignment principle that links our success with the results we deliver to investors.

  • Placement of funds.
  • Placement of funds in Green – NDP projects, among others.
  • Project filter (quality seal)
  • Project Due diligence.
  • Access to exclusive projects.
  • Not limited to investment size.


“Sectorial experience. Specialization matters to us.”




Solar, wind, renewable marine energy, transmission, distribution and storage.



Private/ public transport, railways, air transport, maritime transport.



Water monitoring, water storage, water treatment, water distribution, flood prevention, Nature-based solutions.



Housing, commercial, hospital infrastructure, educational infrastructure, efficient products and systems, urban development.

Renewable Resources

Renewable Resources

Agriculture, forestry, conservation and restoration of ecosystems, aquaculture and fisheries, supply chain management.



Cement production, steel production, iron and aluminium, glass production, production of chemical substances, fuel production.

Efficient Waste Management

Efficient Waste Management

Preparation, reuse, recycling, biological treatment, energy loss, landfills, radioactive waste management.

The Orange Economy/ Creative Economy

The Orange Economy/ Creative Economy

Tourism and ecotourism, Cultural and artistic industries, Media and Fintech.

Nuestro profundo conocimiento y dominio del sector público, del ámbito empresarial y del mercado financiero global nos permite agregar valor desde el primer día.

Nuestro equipo aprovecha una amplia experiencia en el panorama de los servicios financieros y empresariales. Nos apasiona encontrar y respaldar a las empresas líderes de los sectores que le apuestan a la sostenibilidad en el marco de la agenda visión 50.

El conocimiento de los mercados de capital y de las nuevas figuras de contratación publica, nos permite generar soluciones integrales con beneficio para la comunidad, los empresarios y los inversionistas.

Los miembros de nuestro equipo de cobertura han pasado toda su carrera en el mercado de capitales y en el sector público. Tenemos una amplia experiencia en estructuración, suscripción y administración de inversiones en una gran variedad de sectores.

Creamos valor a través de capital privado, capital público, renta fija y crédito e inversiones de capital de riesgo en múltiples sectores e industrias, alineando los intereses de todos los actores del ecosistema de desarrollo públicos y privados.